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Victorinox How To Series - Filleting a Snapper

Some serious Snapper catch and how to fillet them

Watch the video to see how to fillet a Snapper with the Swibo 16cm and 20cm boning knife making light work of the large fish.

Hot Tip

Avoid washing your fish with fresh water, it soften the meat making it harder to cut with precision. Keep on ice. Care for your catch for the best result.

Knives used in this video

Swibo Boning Knife - Curve Blade 16cm

With its fine tip and curved edge this is the perfect knife for filleting or boning. The flexible curved blade of this outstanding 16cm boning knife is the perfect choice for precision cutting and de-boning. Professional chefs, butchers and home cooks will love the functional quality of this high end carbon stainless steel boning knife and the distinctive nylon handle is ergonomically designed to suit left or right handed use.

See all our fishing knives here.

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