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About Us

I have fished and had a passion in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. I wanted to supply people with the opportunity to access good quality products to process their fish, prepare their dinner and do it at an affordable price with ease.


I have used the Victorinox brand for over 20 years, and stand by every product we sell.

Dean Sutton

Giving Back



We want to equip people with the right tools, enabling the average to do anything. We are honest with our products and how they can serve you.


We stand by our quality products. We use our products every day in our own kitchen, every bit of bait we cut, every fillet we take of a fish and for every trim of beef.


We make better choices for the environment. We reuse majority of our stock packaging through to our customers, we correctly recycle anything that’s left over and select our suppliers based of their green credentials.

Image by Vlad Hilitanu



The founding bones of Victorinox was first established in 1884 by Karl Elsener when he opened his cutler’s workshop in the small town of Ibach-Schwyz in Switzerland.

In 1891 Karl supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. He went on to develop the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife – now the iconic Swiss Army Knife – in 1897, creating the foundation for what the well known brand stands upon today.

On the death of his mother in 1909, Elsener decided to rename the company ‘Victoria’ in her honour. In 1921, the company was renamed to the present ‘Victorinox’, a merge of ‘Victoria’ and ‘inox’, an abbreviation for ‘acier inoxydable’, which is the French term for stainless steel.

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Grand Maître

For amateur cooks and professional chefs alike, the Grand Maître collection is all about balance. Each piece in this widely sought range is of a full tang construction, uniformly hardened and forged from a single piece. Because of this, the transition from blade to handle is sleekly seamless, with the latter ergonomically shaped for comfort even over sustained periods.

  • Rosewood triple rivert handle or Poly Oxy Methylene triple rivert handle

  • High carbon non stainless-steel

  • Lifetime warranty



The Rosewood collection from Victorinox combines ergonomic handles in a naturally strong raw material with ultrasharp, efficient blades. Long been considered an ideal material for knife handles, Rosewood is highly robust and gives each model a unique patterning. We prize the carefully hand-polished Rosewood knives for their comfortable feel and elegant look.

  • High quality Rosewood handle

  • High carbon stainless-steel blade

  • Lifetime warranty

Rosewood at The Knife Merchant Aus.png
The Knife Merchant Aus (900 x 550 px).png

Victorinox Fibrox & Classic

The Fibrox collection by Victorinox is a series that has been designed by professionals, for professionals. While being the perfect companion in any chef's kitchen, these knives are just as prized by home cooks. Slice, dice and chop your way through your food with this collection of high-quality pieces that combine comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles with easy-to-sharpen blades and a long service life. Voilà.

  • Ergonomically designed anti-slip Fibrox handle

  • High carbon stainless-steel blade

  • Lifetime warranty



The Victorinox Swibo range of knives are used by chef's, butchers and fisherman around the world because the quality is a given. The signature bright handles of the Swibo knives are injection moulded and sealed onto a polished, high grade stainless steel blade. Comfortable and non-slip, with no micro-pores or cracks for hygiene and sterilisation purposes.

  • Ergonomically designed anti-slip polymide handle

  • High carbon stainless-steel blade

  • Lifetime warranty

Swibo at The Knife Merchant Aus.png
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