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Life as a Fishmonger using Victorinox knives

Hi ,my name is Keith, or probably better known to most as keefish.

I have been a fishmonger since 1999 and have had a Victorinox in my hand since day dot.

Namely the 12cm curved boning knife, It has been my go-to knife to fillet everything from whiting right thru to huge bass groper, A solid knife and brand that's never let me down.

Over the past year I’ve started to use a few knives from the fluted range Victorinox has on offer, namely the 15cm curved boning and 20cm slaughter knives. To put these knives into perspective for how good they are I wish all the knives I like to use for filleting fish were the same fluted style.

Even after the edge becomes dull they still cut fish like the absolute weapons they are. All the knives by Victorinox come chemically sharpened and are basically light sabres

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